What Are Reward Sites?

Are the Rewards worth the Effort?


“Reward sites” are also commonly referred to as GPT sites

“GPT” stands for “Get Paid To”

  • In return for completing various tasks, members of these sites earn points that can be exchanged for prizes such as Paypal cash, Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes gift cards and various other valuable items

What Tasks do I need to complete?

Common tasks include:

  • Watching short advertising/marketing videos (or rather playing them on your computer – they don’t know if you’re actually watching them!);
  • how to earn swagbucks fastPerforming internet searches from within their websites (You are actually using Google in disguise);
  • Completing Surveys;
  • Participating in daily opinion polls;
  • Playing flash games on their websites;
  • Entering Competitions;
  • Entering Bonus Codes posted on Twitter and Facebook etc;
  • easy ways earn fast swag bucksVisiting retail websites using the links from the reward sites and completing purchases;
  • Downloading and briefly testing iPhone / Android / PC apps and games (minimum 30 sec usage required usually);
  • Signing up for free trials of products and services (e.g. loveFilm, Magazines and Credit Check Companies etc.);
  • Signing up for paid trials of products and services (e.g. Online Casinos, Virgin Wines, BigFlix etc.);
  • Signing up for other reward sites!

Why Do Reward Sites Exist?

  • Retailers want to attract additional customers to their websites and/or into their shops.
  • The retailers pay commission to the Cashback companies to direct customers to their websites and/or their shops.
  • The Cashback companies then pay a proportion of that commission to you (the customer) as an inducement to go and shop with those retailers in the first place.
  • Retailers want to attract more customers by encouraging you to watch their adverts and/or try their services for free (or at a discounted price);
  • The Reward sites get paid when you perform internet searches within their websites and they pass on some of that revenue to you;
  • The Reward sites get paid when you complete surveys for various marketing companies and they pass on some of that revenue to you.

The Basic Process

  1. Sign up for a free account with a Reward site – using a referral code if you wish (you will usually get bonus points for using a referral code);
  2. Complete some tasks;
  3. Refer friends, relatives, or indeed anyone else who is willing to use your referral code;
  4. Earn points (each company has its own unique way of branding the points system)
  5. Exchange your points for cash or gift cards.
  6. Spend or save the cash or gift cards.
swag bucks dos and donts


  • DO set up a separate email address if you are worried about supplying your main address;
  • DO keep track of your transactions;
  • DO chase up any transactions that fail to get recorded on your “current transactions” page;
  • DO raise a polite complaint if the automatic transaction recording process fails – it does happen but these issues are usually resolved fairly quickly within minimal effort;
  • DO refer as many people as you can;
  • DO sign up using someone else’s referral code;
  • DO check if any Reward sites are awarding points for signing up to other Reward sites (e.g.. AppCasher paid me $4 to join Swagbucks!)
  • DO complete the entire transaction in one session. if you link to the retailer website from the Reward site, have a look, close the window and return later, you will NOT get paid. Keep the retailer window open while you carry out comparison research in another window;
  • DO open and test the downloaded app or game immediately;
  • DO withdraw your cash or gift cards regularly rather than allowing a large balance to build up.
  • DO remember to cancel your free subscriptions before the end of the trial period (I set alerts on my iPhone);
  • DO NOT buy things just to get reward points;
  • DO NOT sign up for paid trials just to get reward points;
  • DO NOT sign up for more than a handful since many have the same offers and its not supposed tone a full time job;
  • DO NOT expect to make a fortune using Reward sites.

My Recommended Reward Sites

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