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What is a Swagbucks Referral Code?

Swagbucks Referral CodeThere are 2 ways to register an account with Swagbucks:

  • visit the Swagbucks website in the normal manner and sign-up
  • visit the Swagbucks website via a referral link and sign-up


The main difference is that if you sign up via a referral link, that person gets a referral bonus.

Also, if you use the code “FreeGiftCards” during the referral registration process you get a bonus of 50 SB to get you started.

So, by using a referral code link both parties benefit.


How Much is the Referral Bonus?

In short, the existing member gets paid a bonus equal to 10% of the new member’s points – note that this 10% doesn’t get deducted from the new member’s points, they are extra points donated by Swagbucks.

The best part of the deal is that this 10% bonus is paid FOR LIFE – there is absolutely no time limit on this!

The 10% bonus used to be limited to the new member’s search engine earnings, but not anymore. It is now paid out for most activities on Swagbucks and the exceptions are the obvious and reasonable ones. Click here to read more about the Swagbucks Referral Program and what activities are included in the bonus scheme.

The current “improved” referral bonus scheme lasts until at least 25th February 2014 (Swagbucks’ 6th birthday) and no-one know whether it is going to be extended beyond that date or not – so you need to act fast to be assured of benefitting from it.

Any future changes will NOT affect any existing referrals. So, if you get referrals between now and 25th February 2014, you will still continue to earn a 10% bonus for life even if they scrap the referral scheme after that date.


Where Is My Swagbucks Referral Code

If you are a member of Swagbucks, you can find your referral code as follows:

  1. Hover your mouse over you username at top right hand corner of screen
  2. Select “My Referrals” from the drop down menu
  3. Click on the big “Refer a Friend” image
  4. There it is …


How Do I Use It?

You can send invites to your Facebook friends or email contacts directly from the “My Referrals” page.

You can also copy and paste you Swagbucks Referral Code into a tweet, Facebook post or email manually.

Finally, you can put your referral link onto your website or blog page.

This is my referral link here

If you click the link above you will be sent directly to the Swagbucks sign-up page and, if you register there and then, I will get a referral bonus .. and be a very happy bunny too!

Its as simple as that!


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