How to Earn In-Store Cashback at Quidco

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The only reason that I have a Quidco account is so that I can earn cashback on in-store purchases. This service is extremely quick and easy to set up and, once you have registered your credit and debit card numbers with Quidco, the cashback is automatically credited to your account when you make purchases at participating stores. One added benefit is that you don’t have to worry about things like taking photographs of receipts or showing a discount code on your mobile phone to a shop assistant.

Earn in-store cashback at quidco


Whilst you can also use your Quidco account to make online purchases, I find the TopCashback website and mobile phone app to be more user-friendly. If you are interested in learning how the cashback system works for making online purchases I suggest that you read my previous post here. Although that previous post is in relation to the TopCashback website, the process at Quidco is almost identical.

In-Store Cashback at Quidco

There are 3 parts to the process of receiving cashback on in-store purchases:

  1. Create an account at Quidco
  2. Register your credit and debit cards on the Quidco Website
  3. Make in-store purchases at participating shops


earn in-store cashback at quidco


(1) Create an account at Quidco

If you still haven’t created an account at Quidco, the process is explained here in my previous post on that subject.

(2) Register your Cards

Simply click on the blue “Manage your Cards” menu heading (shown in the first image on this post) and you will be taken to the card registration screen. You can add as many cards as you wish. I know that some of you will be concerned about providing your credit and debit card details to quidco, but it is in fact safer than providing your ┬ácard details online or over the telephone when actually making purchases. The reason that it is a safer than a normal online or telephone purchase is that you DO NOT have to provide your 3-digit “security number” to quidco. The only thing that they ask for is the card number so that whenever you use that particular card to make purchases the “system” detects that it has been used and cashback can be awarded to you. The card numbers that you are also encrypted so that members of staff at Quidco don’t actually know what your card numbers are. The card security systems are explained more fully under the blue “About Card Security” menu heading (shown in the first image on this post).

(3) Make in-store purchases at participating shops

It okay, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you how to buy things in shops!


Registering your credit and debit cards at Quidco is a great way to earn cashback on in-store purchases. It takes no more than 5 minutes to do and, afterwards, you can just forget all about it and be pleasantly surprised every time you check your Quidco account and find that you have been earning cashback on the high street without even realising it.

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