How to Earn FREE Cashback at TopCashback

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Whilst the majority of ways to earn cashback at TopCashback involve you making a purchase of some kind, there are also a number of ways of earning FREE cashback. I strongly advise new members to visit the “Free Cashback” part of the website before looking for any other offers. I know that it sounds too good to be true, but you really can earn money for free using the TopCashback website.

The “Free Cashback” Page

The Free Cashback page can be accessed via the home page of the website. Here it is:

Free Cashback deals UK


If you click on the “Free Cashback” button on the far right hand side of the orange menu, you will end up at this screen:

Free Cashback Deals in UK


The 3 categories of free offers that I have used are:

  1. Price Comparison Websites
  2. Credit Report Trials
  3. Signing up for Survey Panels

(1) Price Comparison Websites

These sites will pay you about £1.50 for simply going onto their websites and obtaining a quote. You do NOT need to accept any of the quotes provided that you complete the process of obtaining the quotes. You are being paid to look, not to buy. Of course, they hope and expect that enough people will buy from them to cover the cost of paying cashback to those that simply look. I’m sure that many of you already use price comparison websites to purchase products and services anyway and this simply provides you with a way to make an extra £1.50 or so for each site that you visit. Today, there are 8 such offers. You can obtain quotes for various types of insurance products from a variety of price comparison websites, including and Completing all 8 offers would probably take you about an hour and net you somewhere in the region of £12 JUST FOR LOOKING!

(2) Credit Report Trials

These sites pay you between £5 and £10 each for singing up for their Free Trials. There are currently 3 well-known and perfectly respectable companies offering you cashback for simply agreeing to receive a credit report from them. As with all Free Trials, the key thing to remember is to cancel the trial as soon as you decide that you do not wish to pay for the service after the trial period. For legitimate companies like these, the process is relatively simple but you still need to have some sort of reminder system in place so that you don’t forget. Personally, I set an alert on my iPhone that reminds me 7 days after the trial starts to cancel it (so 21 days before the last date for cancellation). I also ensure that I set the alert to repeat every day thereafter just in case I miss the first alert. Even the most forgetful person is unlikely to notice and act upon 21 consecutive daily alerts!

Aside from the cashback, it is actually quite useful to obtain a copy of your credit report since it enables you to find out what your credit rating is and to identify and amend any entries on your credit report that are incorrect. So, you are being paid to accept a Free Trial of a useful service. If you sign up for all 3 currently available offers, you will earn about £20 cashback.

(3) Survey Panels

These sites pay you to join their survey panels. You don’t have to actually complete any surveys for them in order to earn this cashback, but if you do go on to complete surveys for them this is actually another method of earning money online from home. Personally, I prefer to complete surveys via Swagbucks since it can be a bit of a pain keeping track of multiple survey panel accounts and if you spread the earnings amongst many panels it makes it harder to earn enough to meet the minimum withdrawal amounts. Remember, you are earning cashback for simply registering interest with the panels, not for actually completing any surveys. If you do complete any surveys, you will be paid additional sums of money on top of the cashback payments. There are currently 2 survey panels listed and, if you registered for both, you would earn about £2.75.


What Happens When you Click on One of the Orange “Cashback Plus” Buttons?

You end up at a screen like this:

Insurance Quote Free Cashback


and then, if you click on the orange “Get Cashback Now” button, you end up at a screen like this:

TC Free 5


You can see that, as stated in my page dedicated to the process of creating a TopCashback Account, you end up completing the transaction on the website of the retailer providing the goods or services rather than on the TopCashback website.

Other FREE Offers

There are some other types of free offers within this section of the website that I have not used, including free sim cards, dating agencies and prize draw companies. Since I have not tested these offers, I cannot recommend them. They might be perfectly legitimate, but I would certainly be very wary of signing up to prize draw / lotto companies since some have a reputation for making it very hard and costly to cancel free trials (eg. you can only cancel by telephoning a premium rate telephone number).


Taking advantage of the Free Cashback deals is an excellent way to get started at the TopCashback website. If you spent about 2-3 hours signing up to the Free Offers referred above, you would earn approximately £35.

Click here to Create a TopCashback Account.


  1. Great post Kristian, thank your for taking the time to write this !

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post and I am delighted that you found it useful.

      Topcashback is a fantastic way to save a lot of money each year and I continue to use it on a regular basis.


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