How to Earn Cashback When uSwitch

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Whenever I think about energy supply companies, the following image springs to mind:


Energy Price Rises

Whilst it is certainly true that the price of wholesale gas has gone up, one cannot help but get the feeling that the big energy companies are taking unfair advantage of this to artificially inflate their prices, thus plunging thousands of people into fuel poverty.

What can you do about it? 

Well, you can certainly sign petitions, complain to your MP, tweet about it, or even set up a website to highlight your concerns and vent your anger about it.

But, is there anything you can do right now to immediately try to claw back some of your hard-earned cash from these greedy opportunists?


Yes – there is.


The Basic Rules

(1) Do NOT simply allow your energy contracts to roll over from one year to the next;

(2) DO check energy price comparison websites at least once a year to see if you can get a better deal;

I suspect that many of you already do this already since this issue has received a great deal of publicity from consumer campaigners like Martin Lewis.

Changing energy suppliers has become a very simple process and we have all finally woken up to the savings that can be made by simply spending a little time looking online for the best deals.

But, how many of you were aware that you can also EARN CASHBACK by using Price Comparison Websites?


What Cashback Deals are Available?

At TopCashback there are currently 5 Price Comparison Websites offering cashback. Since they all pretty much offer the same deals from the same energy companies, I tend to chose the one with the highest amount of cashback on offer (provided that they have a good satisfaction rating on the TopCashback website).

I have used uSwitch more that once and I have never had any problems with either the switching process or receiving my cashback payments. However, the best deal tonight is with a company called “Make it Cheaper”. They are offering cashback of £18.37 for single fuel deals and £36.75 for dual fuel deals. They also reassuringly have a satisfaction rating of 99.9%.

Top Cashback Energy Deals


How to Help the Most Vulberable?

Sadly, many of those in Fuel Poverty won’t have easy access to a computer or the internet. So the very people who could benefit most from this opportunity to save money will find it very hard to access it.

However, there is no reason why you can’t help someone in that position to set up and use a Cashback Account to save money on their energy bills (and indeed other purchases). Simply help them to use your computer / iPad / iPhone to access these deals. If you were feeling particularly generous, you could also offer to share some of the referral fee with them (currently £15 at TopCashback).

On the subject of referral fees, here is another little tip – if there are multiple people in your household that are interested in setting up Cashback accounts, do NOT all sign up at the same time. The first one should sign up and refer the second one who should then refer the third one etc. This is a perfectly legitimate way to maximise your collective gain.

Is it Worth the Effort?

£25 cashback might not seem a huge amount to some people, but the whole cashback system is about making lots of modest savings that add up over time. If you do take advantage of the system, you’ll be surprised just how much money you can save by the end of the year. If you are going to be using a Price Comparison Website to change suppliers every year anyway, you might as well spend an extra couple of minutes making sure that you go to their website via the TopCashback website.

Final Word

Of course, it would be better if these energy companies kept their cashback payments and instead used them to reduce the bills of the most vulnerable members of our society, but they are more interested in competing against each other for customers in order to fill their already overflowing coffers!

They make the rules and you can’t beat them however much you complain about it, but cashback is one simple way that you can claw back some of your money.


Click here to create a TopCashback Account if you do not already have one.

Click here to read my “How to Earn Money at TopCashback” guide.

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