How I Saved Almost £400 on Car and Home Insurance Using TopCashback

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This page will tell you how to save money on car insurance and home insurance policies by using the TopCashback website.

Sad Businessman 3dMy car and home insurance policies were up for renewal in January 2014. I used to be the sort of person who simply accepted the renewal quotes from my existing insurance  providers without checking if the quotes were competitive or not. Over the years, I must have wasted hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds as a result of my failure to conduct very basic enquiries with other insurance companies to see if I could get cheaper cover. With the advent of price comparison websites, there is no longer any excuse for simply paying the renewal quotes without first checking if you’re being ripped off by your current insurance company.

High Motor Insurance RenewalInsurance companies routinely send out excessive renewal quotes to their existing customers whilst offering generous discounts to new customers. Using a combination of price comparison websites and cashback offers on the TopCashback website, you can beat the insurance industry at its own game and save hundreds of pounds every year. I saved over £350 this year, and it only took me about 1 hour. Whilst i cannot say that I achieved the best possible deal, I was perfectly content with the savings made and was not prepared to spend dozens of hours scouring all of the price comparison websites to possibly save a further very small sum.

Initially, I had thought that the renewal quotes were actually quite reasonable. They were:

  • Motor Insurance – £311
  • Home Insurance – £439

However, I decided to look for alternative quotes at TopCashback anyway.

The 2 Stage Process

  1. Check the price comparison websites listed on the “Free Cashback” pages;
  2. Identify an attractive cashback deal at one of the Insurance Companies listed on the “”Insurance & Financial” pages, visit their site, and purchase their product provided it is cheaper than the best price comparison site quote (once you have factored in the cashback amount)

How I Did It

(1) Checking the Price Comparison Websites

I visited 3 price comparison websites via the TopCashback website and obtained quotes from each of them.

The process of earning free cashback by obtaining quotes from price comparison websites is explained here.

I will receive approximately £4.50 cashback for obtaining these quotes, even though I did not purchase any of the products.

I did NOT purchase any of the products listed on the price comparison websites, but did note down the best price available with a reputable insurance company. I could always have accepted one of those quotes at a later stage if it proved to be the cheapest. Of course, it must be borne in mind that many of the major insurance companies do not participate in price comparison websites and so you have to deal directly with them.

(2) Searching for Good Motor Insurance Cashback Deals on the “Insurance & Financial” Pages and Purchasing the Products

When I say “searching for deals”, I do not mean visiting each insurer’s website and going through the laborious process of getting quotes at each – life is too short for that. I simply identified a well-known insurance company that was offering a large amount of cashback and obtained quotes from them by clicking through to their website via the “Insurance & Financial” pages. The simple process of getting to the insurer’s website via TopCashback is explained here.

Good Motor Insurance Cashback DealAt the time, Aviva were offering £63 cashback on motor insurance policies and £63 cashback on home buildings and contents insurance policies. They were also offering a £25 bonus cashback for purchasing the 2 policies within 1 month of each other (The Aviva deal has changed since then – they are currently paying £73.50 for motor insurance policies and £42 for home buildings and contents policies, with a £26.25 bonus for purchasing both within 1 month of each other).

So, I visited the Aviva website via TopCashback and obtained the motor insurance quote first. The quote was very good so I accepted it and bought the product. It was the best car insurance cashback deal I could find.

I then went back to the TopCashback website and from there visited the Aviva website again to obtain the home insurance quote. The quote was very good so I accepted it and bought the product

My Savings Calculation

My renewal quote for motor insurance was £311. My new Aviva motor insurance policy cost £198.

My renewal quote for home insurance was £439. My new Aviva motor insurance policy cost £313.

So, I saved a whopping £239 by choosing Aviva over my existing insurance company!


Best Car Insurance Cashback DealIn addition to that, I earned a total of £151 in cashback by visiting Aviva via the TopCashback website and £4.50 for obtaining the price comparison website quotes.

My Total Saving was, therefore, a massive £394.50!!


Click here to learn how to earn FREE cashback (i.e.. without even buying anything) – Its easy money for little effort!

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