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The Problem

Cheap AA CoverYou want someone to come and rescue you, your family and your vehicle should you have the misfortune to breakdown in the middle of nowhere on a cold and wet November night. But … and its a big but … you don’t want to pay a fortune for breakdown cover with one of the major roadside assistance companies like the AA.

The alternative is to find a cheap less well-known company and hope that they are up to the job.

If only you could somehow find cheap AA cover and have the peace of mind that such membership would offer you?

Well, one great way to save money on you annual breakdown cover is to use a cashback website. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of cashback websites and how they work, it is all explained here. The account opening process for TopCashback is explained here, and for Quidco is explained here.

A Problem Solved?

The first step is to use a price comparison website to check the range of prices from the smaller roadside assistance companies (eg. comparethemarket or moneysupermarket).

Beware the “it seems too good to be true prices” – very often sneaky companies will hide the fact that their service only offers a fraction of what you would normally expect from a roadside assistance service. Make sure you check the terms of the cover before you buy from one of these smaller companies. Also check the internet to look for reviews of the quality of their service – some are dreadfully slow to turn up at your breakdown site (if they turn up at all!?)

The next step is to visit the TopCashback and Quidco websites to check for cashback deals.

I should point out that these AA cashback deals are only available to new customers. If you are already an AA member, but still want to save money on your roadside cover, you should read my “Cheap RAC Cover” post here.

If you have a completely free choice between RAC and AA cover (i.e.. you are not currently a member of either), the RAC deals at TopCashback are currently the best on offer.

The current AA deals are as follows:

(1) Topcashback

The AA deals at TopCashback depend upon the value of the cover purchased:

  • up to £50 = £10.50 cashback
  • between £51 and £100 - £21 cashback 
  • between £101 and £150 - £36.75 cashback
  • £151 or more - £63 cashback 

(2) Quidco

The AA deals at Quidco are slightly less attractive:

  • up to £50.99 = £15 cashback
  • between £51 and £100.99 - £30 cashback
  • between £101 and £150.99 - £45 cashback
  • £151 or more – £70 cashback


cheapest aa cover As you can see from the prices quoted above, you can make substantial savings by using cashback websites to buy your annual roadside assistance cover.

As always, it is important to check the “notes and information” boxes on the cashback websites for exclusions. For example, th cashback offers do NOT apply if you choose to pay by instalments and your cashback account must be set up to receive payment by bank transfer (BACS).

The deals quoted above only relate to UK Breakdown Cover, but you can also find cashback deals for European Roadside Assistance at TopCashback and Quidco.

Click here to open an account with TopCashback (my preferred website)

Click here to open an account with Quidco (a worthy second best)

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