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The Swagbucks Anxiety

Best Way to Get SwagbucksMany people are nervous about reward websites.

They see all of the Free Trial offers from dubious looking companies that they’ve never heard of, they worry about cancellation problems, and most of all they worry about giving personal information to these organisations and ending up being bombarded with unwanted marketing phone calls and emails.

If you are one of those people, but would still like to earn a little extra money online using Swagbucks, then this post is for you.

Whilst I don’t think that your concerns are necessarily justified if you take the time to learn which parts of Swagbucks to avoid (See my User Guide here), I fully understand that many people just don’t have the time to read up on it and would rather not take the risk.

So, the purpose of this post is to show you the best way to get swagbucks (this is what they call their reward points) without providing your personal information to anyone.

That’s right:

  • no financial information
  • no addresses
  • no phone numbers

All you have to do is register an account with Swagbucks and do the easy stuff. You won’t make as much money doing this, but it is easy money for doing very little.

The 7 Best Ways to Get Swagbucks

I should add that these are the 7 best ways to get swagbucks without getting involved in surveys, offers and online purchases.

Surveys are probably the best way to earn swagbucks quickly, but you need to trust that these companies will not contact you afterwards in an annoying manner and won’t misuse your information. Having said that, I have never had any problems with this sine most Swagbucks surveys are conducted by reputable companies and you can always refuse to answer the personal questions of you remain concerned.

My YouTube video demonstrating how to use swagbucks is here – it covers all of the 7 ways listed below (and more).

So, here are the easy ways to get risk-free Swagbucks:

  1. Daily Poll
  2. NOSO
  3. Swag Codes
  4. Swagbucks TV
  5. Peanut Labs & Home Page Videos
  6. Flash games
  7. Referrals


(1) Daily Poll

You get paid 1 SB for answering a trivial question – there is no right or wrong answer.


(2) NOSO

This stands for No Obligation Special Offers – you just click “no” to 2-3 offers of products and get paid 2 SB for just looking, hence the name “No Obligation”.


(3) Swag Codes

You can either follow the Swagbucks Blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed and watch out for the special Swag Codes. When you see one, you just type it into the Swag Code box on the main menu and get awarded between 3-6 SB.


(4) Swagbucks TV

You get paid 3 SB for every 10 video clips that you watch. I say watch, but in fact you get paid to “play” them on your PC or mobile device. No-one is checking that you are actually watching and you only have to play each one for 30 seconds for it to count, rather than the whole clip. You can earn a maximum of 150 SB per day doing this. Some of the video clips are actually quite funny – like the “Doga” one .. no really … it is Yoga with Pets – not to be missed!


(5) Peanut Labs & Home Page Videos

Peanut Labs is one of the better “Offers” pages on the site. You simply click on the Peanut Labs tab at the Special Offers page and they usually have a couple of short videos to watch – they are often worth 2 SB each and you can watch the same clips every day that they remain on the page – often more than 1 week. There are often 5-6 other videos on the Home Page that, again, you can keep watching every day until they disappear.


(6) Flash Games

You can earn up to 10 SB per day playing these silly little flash games. Having said that, they are no more silly than Flappy Birds!

You do NOT get paid to be good at them so you can lose quickly if you want. You are getting paid because they play short adverts before some of the games.

It varies, but you generally get paid 2 SB for every 2 games that you play.

My favourites are Swag Jump, Swagasaurus and Poker.


(7) Referrals

If you have friends that might be interested in joining Swagbucks, then you can send them your sign-up link and, if they use it to join, you earn a 10% bonus for any Swagbucks that they earn FOR LIFE.

There are a few exceptions, but only the obvious and reasonable ones.

This offer is open until at least 25th February 2014 (Swagbucks 6th birthday) and I don’t know what the referral bonus system will be after that date. However, if you get referrals before 25th February 2014, you will get 10% for life, whatever the new referral system turns out to be.

You can read more about the Swagbucks Referral Program here. 



There you have it – 7 best ways to get swagbucks without giving out any personal information to 3rd party companies.

You can click here to got straight to Swagbucks and sign-up using my referral link

When signing-up, be sure to enter “FreeGiftCards” in the appropriate box to earn your 50 SB sign-up bonus!

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