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make free easy money online

Earn Cashback

Make easy money online (and offline) using Cashback Websites for your everyday purchases of goods and services

make free easy money online

Earn Rewards

Earn cash and gift cards online for free with minimal effort using “Get Paid To” Websites

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Website Creation

Find out which inexpensive but powerful tools can help to create elegant and enticing websites

3 Ways to Make Money Online for FREE

(1) Cashback Websites

You simply register an account for FREE with TopCashback or Quidco and earn cashback on your everyday online and offline purchases of goods and service. Currently, some of the best money saving deals available at TopCashback include:

By using these cashback websites you get exactly the same products at the same prices. The only difference is that by visiting the company website via the cashback website you get a bonus cashback payment. As you can see from the list above. some of these cashback payments are substantial and you can easily earn hundreds of pounds / dollars every year in this way.

(2) Reward Websites

You simply register an account for FREE and get paid for completing tasks such as:

  • Completing internet searches
  • Participating in surveys
  • Playing flash games
  • Watching short TV adverts
  • Downloading Free Apps & Games onto your smartphone / tablet

I spend about 1 hour per day at Swagbucks and earn a £10 iTunes gift voucher each week – that’s £520 ($800) per year! There are dozens of other ways to receive your rewards (Paypal cash, Amazon Vouchers) but the iTunes exchange rate at the moment is very good. There really is free easy money online!

(3) Affiliate Websites

What is an Affiliate Website?

An “Affiliate” is someone who earns commission by introducing online buyers to sellers via their website. The basis process is as follow:

  1. Identify a subject that you know a lot about;
  2. Create a website full of interesting and helpful advice relating to that subject;
  3. Review products relating to the subject and identify the best of them to your visitors;
  4. If those visitors decide to purchase the recommended products via your website, you earn a referral fee from the seller.

The reason that affiliate marketing is such a growth area is that it benefits all concerned. The seller gets a customer. The customer finds a great product while avoiding wasting their money on bad products. You get a referral fee.

It is important to note that the visitor to your website pays no more than they would otherwise have paid directly to the seller anyway. It is the seller that pays for your services, not the visitor to your website.

Creating a Website

Anyone (and I mean absolutely anyone) with the most basic computer skills and access to a computer can create their own website for FREE. I managed to create this website in 2-3 weeks without any previous experience of website development.

How to Start Earning Cashback and Rewards for FREE

Setting up accounts with my recommended cashback and reward websites is a quick, simple and painless process. Once you have set up your accounts you can immediately begin to take advantage of the many different ways of earning cashback and other valuable rewards. Click on the links below to access the relevant “Getting Started” or “User” Guides.

Since each website has its own peculiar features, I have created individual User Guides and hope to add video demonstrations for each shortly.

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